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Please scroll down for exhibiting designers...

With 30-40 designers showcasing their collections, unique gifts and more were to be found at our Christmas Design Fairs...

Trend-inspired fashion, childrenswear, handbags, scarves, ties & accessories, silver jewellery & cufflinks, homewares, interior textiles, wall art...


Our very first event in Glasgow opened with the Launch Evening on Friday 18th Nov. Shoppers enjoyed browsing through over 30 designer's collections with complimentary glasses of wine. The design fair continued the following day with a successful event had by all!


Sun 27th Nov & Sun 18th Dec

The delicious brownies and other delights of Lucy's Kitchen were sampled by visitors while they shopped in style!

Picked up their 10% Off Purchases gift voucher at the reception desk on the day
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Please scroll down for exhibiting designers...

Anya Pea Anya Pea

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
A collection of beautiful hand printed leather belts and gloves to add a bit
of shimmery glamour to your wardrobe

BinkieBoo BinkieBoo

A new collection from the designer behind Jeda Pearl. Inspired by her young daughter's love of funky soul music and dressing up, Jeda has teamed up with super-stylish Auntie Kezi to create a range of accessories, jewellery and cards for every cool little "binkie-boo" out there!

Boo Boo

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
Boo present their debut collection of handbags and accessories
Cameron Taylor Cameron Taylor

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*

Produced in Scotland using the highest quality cashmere and cashmere blends the label aims to add a new dimension to the Scottish knitwear industry. Cameron Taylor produces classic and high fashion garments with feminine allure. Attention to detail, trims and the creation of a modern fit and shape are all of the highest importance.
Catherine Aitken Catherine Aitken

Beautiful limited edition handbags created from the finest Scottish mohairs, tweeds and tartans, all luxuriously lined. Images of Scotland are also used in an original collection which elegantly combines tradition with vogue. Handbags that feel as good as they look…

Elizabeth Ciara Collen Elizabeth Ciara Collen

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
My work is based on my admiration of faded, worn and well-loved fabrics and images. I believe they convey the honest beauty of natural flaws and marks of time and posses a sense of history and romance. Fabrics are collaged and sewn together with buttons, beads and dried flowers to produce one-off, original fabric, accessories, textile pictures, skirts and cushion covers.

Emma Duncan Emma Duncan

A stunning collection womenswear and accessories made from beautifully handcut leather and felt, inspired by nature.

Global Guru Global Guru

Inspiration from travel experiences is very important to the whole ethos of Global Guru. A 6 week tour of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia gives the designs an Oriental, Far Eastern feel with influences from Japanese and Indian imagery. These are juxtaposed with designs inspired by American Pop-Art and Spanish Modern Art.

Browse Global Guru's collection here
Hoop Hoop Hoop Hoop

Inspired by nature, nostalgia, scientific phenomena and cartoon animals. Hoop Hoop handbags are illustrative and colourful with quirky, irresistible names like "boochy" and "gustav's garden" to match.
Into Into

Into Knitted Textile Design creates frivolous, functional fun in 100% lambswool. The collection includes a variety of fashion and interior accessories engineered to a unique aesthetic, inspired by simplicity of clarity with and alternative twist. Simply shaped handbags become canvases for pictorial jacquards; basic geometrics are enhanced with vibrant colour palettes and additional embellishments are applied by manipulating felting techniques.

Browse INTO's collection here
Jeda Pearl Jeda Pearl

Obsessed with boudoir romanticism and starting new trends, Jeda Pearl creates beautiful contradictions by juxtaposing elements such as; antique lace, vintage saris and trimmings with funky urban prints, feathers and tulle in bold colours. Stand out from the crowd with stunning handbags, earrings and accessories.

Browse Jeda Pearl's collection here
Katherine Emtage Katherine Emtage

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
Kirsteen Stewart Kirsteen Stewart

*New to Velvet Boutique*

Lofty & Ginger Lofty & Ginger

Lofty & Ginger produce womenswear, accessories and homewear. Their accessories range is developed from their ever expanding collection of vintage fabrics, buckles, buttons and embroideries. Each piece is hand made and unique, usually incorporating linen or cord as well as vintage silk scarves, 1960's floral prints or mother of pearl buckles.
Lorraine McCue Lorraine McCue

*New to Velvet Boutique*

Lorraine McCue specializes in the design and production of quality knitted accessories for the luxury end of the knitwear market. Lorraine's work explores the possibilities of natural fibres, mainly Cashmere and Geelong Lambswool, taking a craft based and experimental approach. A combination of colour, texture and innovative structure is fused into each product, with a careful handcrafted touch and finish. Her Autumn/Winter 05/06 collection offers a colourful and exciting range of scarves and handbags.
Mackay & Sherry Mackay & Sherry
Mayamay Mayamay

A range of gorgeous tops, scarves and belts from brand new designer Mayamay.

Simply Scarves Simply Scarves

*New to Velvet Boutique*

"Our unique hand-made scarves are inspired by colourful and exciting yarns sourced from around Europe."

Skoczena Skoczena

*New to Velvet Boutique*

Tenterhooks Tenterhooks Ltd

Silks, velvets and satins are combined with denims and cords to create a range of luxury yet highly functional handbags, beret hats and purses. Complimenting the collection are handwoven scarves, rugs and cushions in 100% pure Scottish wool as well as a range of cushions handcrafted from a mix of contemporary and vintage fabrics.

Pictured: Ultimate Luxury Shopper, denim, satin & silk £60; Ultimate Clutch, velvet & satin £45; Summer Bag, Denim, cord & satin £45
Wildcat Designs Wildcat Designs

*New to Velvet Boutique*
Inspiration comes from graphic images, layering and vintage lace fabrics. My accessories are made from natural fibres and handmade yarns using machine & handknit techniques. I also experiment with cutwork, felting and embroidery to achieve different effects.
Box Art Box Art

Kate George creates fantastic and affordable digital art for your home. Her range encompasses a wealth of styles from retro to sophisticated chic and her background in graphics gives her the sharpest eye for colour and composition.
Claire Nicolson Clare Nicolson

A fresh range of digitally printed interior textiles. "Designs are interpretations of paper collages which I create using decorative papers and packaging. My textiles combine cotton and silks with vintage fabric which I source specifically for every design, making each one unique. "

Browse Clare Nicolson's collection here
Cosima Sempill Cosima Sempill

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
A range of quirky ceramic designs, hand painted wooden lamps, and luxuriously adorned cushions. "My childhood in South Africa helped to introduce me to bright colours and repetitive patterns at an early age. I try to incorporate that African influence with my recently acquired love for traditional European bone China tableware. Mostly my ceramics have a slight tongue-in-cheek appeal. I enjoy combining contrasting ideas and focus on designs that please both the aesthetic and intellectual senses."

Everything Is Pattern Everything is Pattern

Inspirations: 20th Century classic designs… Lucienne Day… Marja Isola… Alexander Gerard… 70's interiors… Julian Opie… Gary Hume…

Lou Lou Louloubelle

*New to Velvet Boutique*
Talented print designer Louise MacIndoe presents her debut collection Lou Lou Belle. Prints inspired by nature, using photographic techniques grace wall pieces, prints and cushions.
Lucy Laidlaw Lucy Laidlaw

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
Decorative and fun fairies!
Malcolm Cruickshank Malcolm Cruickshank

Malcolm is a textile artist who creates decorative and functional objects for the home. Inspired by the world around him, hand-made felt is incorporated to produce modern and stylish lighting with a unique collection that includes wall-art, prints and furniture.
Rachel Hazell Rachel Hazell

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*

Showing @ Dance For All Edinburgh 27th Nov

Image - Shannon Tofts
Yvonne Mitchell Yvonne Mitchell

*New to Velvet Boutique*
Alice Foulis Alice Foulis

*New to Velvet Boutique*
Individual, intricate, and vibrant hancrafted bead and wirework accessories.
Christina Patterson *NEW to Velvet Boutique*

Showing with Maiden Glasgow.
Eclectic Shock Eclectic Shock

Louise Pringle's collection includes decorative beaded bracelets and beautiful knitted silver chokers, featuring charm details. Inspired by antique market finds and curios, every design is completely unique and has been carefully arranged to reflect Louise's personal style.

Browse Eclectic Shock's collection here

Emily Beckmann Emily Beckmann

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
Emily Beckmann explores the multiple associations of objects through contemporary stitched jewellery and textiles. Her works are layers of, usually vintage, fabrics that are cut into and hand-stitched to create overlapping areas of pattern, colour and text. She often incorporates found objects, such as broken crockery, which are stitched into lace to create collars and cuffs. They can appear as archaeological finds that imply ritualistic behaviour, organised ceremony, and mysticism through simultaneously conflicting associations. Collecting and documenting is an integral part of the work, and each piece is unique.

Browse Emily Beckmann's collection NETQUOTEVAR:LINK
Emma Chalmers Emma Chalmers

Textiles are the main inspiration for Emma Chalmbers jewellery design. As a result she has created her own unique textile. This is a combination of precious metal and non precious material which is trapped amongst compressed steel wool.

Part of the dd4 workshop.

Browse Emma Chalmer's collection here
Emma Kinnell Emma Kinnell

Body adornments inspired by glass and photographic images of light with the theme of movement, fragility and protection. The fine wire and metallic threads in the designs represent the spontaneous lines and the detail involved in each light photograph.

Part of the dd4 workshop.

Browse Emma Kinnell's collection here
Genna Delaney Genna Delaney

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*
I design and make individually handcrafted silver jewellery which is inspired by architecture and the natural world. I have so many ideas which allows me to produce a variety of styles and techniques. I also enjoy incorporating other materials such as Perspex, resin, stones and fabric to introduce colour and originality. I enjoy working with the clients to make an item of jewellery which is unique to each individual.
Helen McVey Helen MacVey

Helen has develop an unusual technique using glues and silicone to create vivid, tactile body adornment. Her passion for dance and the glamour of Hollywood has been the source of her inspiration. A rich cocktail of colours and textures in her work are created with beads, feathers, plastics and silver. These materials gives the designer the freedom to experiment with different colour combinations and textures, generating different moods in her pieces. "My aim is to create innovative, playful jewellery that can be enjoyed by all."

Part of the Maiden Glasgow collective
Jane McAllistar Jane McAllistar

*NEW to Velvet Boutique*

Julie Allison Julie Allison

Julie Allison's pieces of work, created using precious metals, are a narrative collection based on her memories of her home and its surrounding structures.

Part of the dd4 workshop.
Kirsty Ferguson Kirsty Ferguson

The inspiration for Kirsty's work has come from looking at forms of advertising and how it affects everyday life. Club culture advertising in particular, is a strong theme, with the bright colours and vivid statements. Silver, dyed aluminium and laminated papers are amongst the materials used in Kirsty's designs.

Part of the Maiden Glasgow collective
Laura McIver Laura McIver

Laura draws her influences from organic forms, exploring shapes and structures found within nature. She simplifies and stylizes these shapes into patterns and compositions, taking influence from Japanese textiles. This is represented through intricate piercing and the use of multiple units within her work.

Part of the Maiden Glasgow collective
Lee du Preez Leah du Preez

Organic inspired one-off pieces are made from gem stones set in precious metals such as gold and silver.
Nicola Morrison Nicola Morrisson

Nicola Morrison's designs are based on research into the work of Japanese textile artists and the textile company Nuno Corporation. Through these inspirations she has produced jewellery which consists of subtly textured components made from precious metals.

Part of the dd4 workshop.

Ruth Gordon Ruth Gordon

Ruth Gordon investigates the colours, textures and patterns found in exotic insects and food as well as the process and final product of baking cakes to inspire her designs. The work of artists such as Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee also feature as stimuli. "I incorporate cold enamelling, heat-formed coloured acrylic sheet and nylon thread with corrugated silver to recreate the vibrant colours and textures found in my source material. My pieces create an interesting contrast between the precious and non-precious materials used."

Browse Ruth Gordon's collection here

Shona Fidgett Shona Fidgett

*New to Velvet Boutique*
This classic, but contemporary approach takes inspiration from architecture, using geometric forms in bold, clean-lined pieces. The range includes earrings, rings and pendants, with her work predominantly in silver using 18ct gold for precious detailing. Shona's latest collection features new themes, including a range of earrings and pendants with 18ct moving circles that allow fluid movement. Each piece is handcrafted with an emphasis on quality.
Sinead Buckney Sinead Buckney

*New to Velvet Boutique*
My work incorporates silicon rubber with silver to create pieces of jewellery that are sensually stimulating as well as visually stunning. They are tactile and provoke interaction through the movement and textures.


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