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At the beginning of 2006, eight Velvet Boutique designers from different disciplines were partnered to collaborate and create an experimental showpiece that pushed the boundaries of creativity and design with the concept of INSIDE OUT.

So often a practicing designer's collection is driven by commercial and market forces. This exhibition gave eight talented designers the opportunity for complete creative freedom, so that they could push the boundaries of fashion and form, explore new ways of working and new mediums as well as inspiring and learning from each other.

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Concept: INSIDE OUT: "Revealing the processes and patterns in your work. Focusing in on any element of the manufacturing processes you all go through in making your products. Cutting, scanning, sewing, stitching, knitting, threading. Paring down to the simplest building blocks of these elements. With knit it could be the basic knot or pattern of stitches, with digital textiles the basic building block is the pixel, with fashion, the cut, the linear elements of the pattern.

Explore the structure, outline, composition and energy of the patterns and processes, the spaces created and left behind, to create an experimental showpiece that stretches the boundaries of what is wearable design. Look at the processes and patterns each of you use in your work and the similarities and differences between your different design practises. How they can be evolved into one piece?"

The exhibition of the finished works was in the Review Gallery, The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow from the 7th April - 3rd June 2006.

To compliment the exhibition, current collections, accessories and jewellery from a variety of Velvet Boutique designers were available in Form.
L3 Olanic

Looking at the meaning of INSIDE & OUT; how we feel 'INSIDE' and how this would look on the 'OUTSIDE'. I had thought about the expression 'wearing your heart on your sleeve' and we both felt that by exploring this further we could bring the core elements of our work together. Going through a list of feelings and emotions that we try to control, conceal & mask; we examined how these feelings would look if they were to be worn on the outside……What would the structure look like? What colour would these feelings be?
L4 Into

Concentrating on 3 emotions: Happy, Sad & Jealousy, we individually sketched ideas that we felt portrayed these feelings. Interestingly, when we shared our ideas similar themes emerged that we could extract for the final pieces. We felt strongly that we should both work on elements for each piece combining garment structure with interconnected, oversized accessories.
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Everything Is Pattern & Never The Same Twice
eip Everything is Pattern

Textile label 'everything is pattern' and fashion label 'never the same twice' have collaborated to create virtually designed 'print a dress' for INSIDE OUT. Combining digital printing and engineering design and prototyping techniques they have created a one-off exhibition piece inspired by vintage patterns and digital design techniques.
ntst Never The Same Twice

Through the design development they explored the fusion of traditional skills such as sketching and toile creation and the use of digital technology in textile design and garment construction.
Clare Nicolson & Ferguson
CN Clare Nicolson
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When creating my textiles I use collage, cutting shapes and patterns out of paper to create a design. With the 'inside out' theme I thought it would be interesting to use the paper left behind. Play around with the holes, patterns and areas cut out of the paper to create an abstract design to print onto fabric
F Claire Ferguson
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Abstract, wrapping, cut-out and juxtaposition... I wanted the shape of the knit to be simple and have emphasis on edges and lines to compliment to process and feeling of Clare's collage inspired prints.
Lorraine McCue & Laura McIver
Lorraine McCue

'Inside Out' gave us the opportunity to explore the In's and Out's of our two individual, and very different, design practices and the processes we use.

In Laura's work pinning is normally used as a decorative function in her jewellery designs, and wrapping is a key element in my knitted scarf collection. We wanted to create a showpiece combined these two elements of wrapping and pinning that was also decorative and versatile.


Laura McIver
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Through this collaboration we found that although we work in very different materials we both drew inspiration from organic forms. We looked the idea of negative spaces and brought these out to be the focal point of our piece. For example spaces in the pattern of the knit - ladders, tucks and gathering, and the negative spaces left through piercing of the metal. Our focus on these elements has enabled us to produce a showpiece that that gives freedom and flexibility in the way it can be worn.

Part of the Maiden Glasgow collective


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